Abi Loader

The abi-Loader is a simple solution to driving mobility for disabled drivers with some very advanced engineering. The Abiloader at the push of the drivers’ button opens the boot and delivers a wheelchair right up next to the driver door.

The abi-Loader is a simple solution to driving mobility

The Abi-loader is an ingeniously engineered solution for driving mobility, providing a simple and reliable way for disabled drivers to access their wheelchair. With the push of a button, it opens the boot and brings the wheelchair right next to the driver's door. Its simplicity and reliability have made it a successful product globally, outperforming more complex alternatives. It offers unparalleled independence and ease of use for manual wheelchair users, particularly those with rigid chairs. Lowered-floor mobility van users who can transfer to the driver's seat should consider the Abiloader for its wider vehicle compatibility and advantageous features.


  • Rapid 25-second retrieve or store
  • Flick a switch to operate
  • Totally automatic, just sit and wait!
  • The car retains its original looks and fuel economy
  • Operates anywhere that allows drivers door to be fully open
  • The chair stays secure, clean and dry
  • No problem with car height in car parks or garages
  • Transferrable between cars
  • Less stress on shoulders and arms