Access Ramps

Access Ramps are easy to use, reliable, functional, and super strong with the option for automated function. These ramps are the perfect solution for a cost-effective way to enter and exit your minivan or minibus.

The innovative ramp design combining sturdy structure with light weight usability makes this ramp easy for any person to use with minimal effort. The ramps have several design features focusing on simplicity and lightness.

The Smart Lifter that makes easy work of loading your mobility device

The Smart Lifter car boot hoists offer a convenient solution for effortlessly loading mobility devices like wheelchairs, scooters, and powerchairs into your car. With just a simple button press, you can lift your device into the car boot, eliminating the need for struggling or assistance.

Our Smart Lifter range includes three hoists designed to lift various types of scooters and chairs. Among them, we have the market's most powerful hoist, capable of lifting a 200kg powerchair. To determine the ideal hoist for your needs, consider the size and weight of your mobility device, as well as the vehicle you intend to lift it into. Discover which Smart Lifter car boot hoist suits you best when selecting a wheelchair or scooter hoist.


The Manual model has gas struts, side handles and wheels that make it effortless to open/close.


The Electric model can be operated by a wired or wireless keypad option.


  • Manually or electronically operated (wireless option available)
  • Lightweight – aluminium (to suit all hand sizes)
  • Load rated to 350kg
  • Non-slip surface with ramp edges
  • No welded components
  • 30-35kgs (Manual) and 35-46kgs (Electric)
  • Easy removal and re-installation of ramp
  • Swivel base available – left or right rotation