Turny® Evo

Get seated outside the vehicle, at your desired height.

Take a seat, on the outside.

The Turny Evo is a seat lift that moves the car seat completely outside the vehicle and lowers it down to your desired level. This makes it easier for you to sit down or transfer from a wheelchair. Once you're seated, push a button and the Turny Evo will lift you inside the car. It's a simple yet very effective way to make your car more accessible.

Getting seated in today's aerodynamically built cars can be very cumbersome. However the Turny Evo isn't just a solution for wheelchair users, it's for anyone that needs a little help getting in and out of their car.

The Turny Evo is the most advanced seat lift on the market today. It has unique features that make it possible to use in car models where other seat lifts won’t work.

Easy transfer to and from your wheelchair

When transferring to and from the Turny Evo, you can do so completely outside the vehicle. Even better, the Turny Evo can lower the seat to your level. This means that it doesn't matter if you're transferring from wheelchair to seat or seat to wheelchair, you can always transfer to a lower point.

Not just for wheelchair users

Getting seated in a car can be tricky even if you don't have a diagnosed disability. Having the seat on the outside means you can back up against the edge of the seat and drop down. Now, let the Turny Evo lift you into the car. Getting out is just as easy. Rotate out and stand up in a forward motion like you would from a chair. In fact, you can even use the height adjustment to give you a little extra boost.

Choose the car you want

Compared to lowered floor solutions and most other wheelchair accessible vehicles, a seat lift lets you choose from many more car brands and models. Yet, no matter how good a car fits with the Turny Evo, the combination has to work for you. To find out what combination will suit both your needs and taste, contact your dealer for a free assessment.


Length 70.3 cm
Width 54.2 cm
Height 16.3 cm
Comfort adjustment 0-41 cm
Vertical travel 39 cm
Swivel range 0-113°


Weight capacity 180 kg
Unit weight 84 kg


Voltage 12 V