Wymo Wheelchair Hoist

Vital for a carer/driver who needs to lift a wheelchair safely, without risk of shoulder and other related injuries.

Simple, convenient and space saving.

Think of it as a valet service for your wheelchair. When you get seated in your car, the Chair Topper will take care of your wheelchair for you. When you're ready to leave the car, the Chair topper will bring your wheelchair to you. In between it is safely stored in the weatherproof roof top box. It's a great solution for independent drivers as well as passengers.

  • Loads the wheelchair safely and securely onto the roof of the car.
  • Wymo Wheelchair Hoists come standard with and inertia real fail safe.
  • Offers independence to drivers requiring a wheelchair in their daily life.
  • Hoist eliminates caregiver's burden of loading wheelchair.
  • Wymo hoist frees car space for travel, groceries, passengers.
  • The Wymo Wheelchair Hoist provides greater employment opportunities.
  • Wymo Hoist's nationwide distributors handle sales, installation, service.

The Secure cover

A vinyl weather cover which provides protection from rain and insects, both on short and long trips. It is easy to place the weather cover on the wheelchair and offers an extremely practical solution for wheelchair protection.