Accelerater and braking hand control modifications

Universal non car specific hand controls that move hand and accelerator pedals to an intuitive hand control. Our hand control solutions are crafted to provide an intuitive and comfortable driving experience for individuals who may not be able to use standard foot pedals. Whether you require an electronic accelerator or brake lever, our range of hand controls ensures you have the necessary tools to operate your vehicle safely and confidently.


The new FS2005 command allows an ergonomic grip and gives the driver the certainty of controlling the accelerator while being able to hold the steering wheel with both hands.

A lever system positioned on the brake command allows freedom of movement in any condition and on any type of road, leaving the steering wheel free from any invasive devices.

In the standard version, it is supplied with a button for the brake lock, the horn and a button to restrict the speed. The latter memorises the position of the accelerator when driving.

By simply touching the lever, the memory is deleted and control becomes manual once more.

It is possible to install the brake lever and accelerator with a 6-service control unit to command lights, windscreen wipers and so on.


The FS2009H product has a dual function: braking in push and acceleration with radial rotation.

The peculiarity of this product is the specific palm grip, which allows you to control the acceleration simply by placing your hand on the device and making a slight twist with the hand itself. The handle has been studied in every minimum detail from the point of view of materials and above all from the ergonomics; it has a push point for the thumb as well as a specific end stop that allows it to perfectly contain every type of hand.

Driving with this product is extremely smooth and relaxing.

This product is particularly suitable for people who do not have perfect finger mobility and who therefore have difficulty using products such as FS2005 or Satellite Accelerator.

Comes with button for locking the brake, horn and cruise control.

The ultimate 2-handed driving solution.

The Satellite Accelerator is for the driver who wants to maintain both hands on the wheel when driving. The unit is worn like a glove and acceleration is achieved by lightly pressing the thumb against a small lever allowing intuitive control over the operation of your car’s speed in all driving conditions.

Whether you are driving long distances, around tight curves or executing difficult manoeuvres, the Satellite Accelerator available in wired or wireless models, makes agile, smooth, reactive, and safe driving easy.

Versatile options

Suitable for: Paraplegia, Double Lower Limb Amputee, Disability reducing leg function & maintaining hand dexterity

  • Left- or right-hand versions
  • Changeable brackets to suit all hand sizes
  • Smooth acceleration curve
  • Operated with minimal fatigue
  • Acceleration safety cut-out mechanism
  • Brake lock feature
  • Compatible with original electronics
  • Suitable for fitment (and re-fit) in all types of vehicles
  • Knee airbag compatibility
  • Colours: black, carbon, pink, silver, custom
  • Proven technology first developed in 1999

Wired Satellite

The wired model enables the driver to have the unit constantly attached with a spiral cord.
The cord is mounted at elbow distance back to avoid interference with the steering wheel.
The unit is smaller and lighter than the wireless model.

Wireless Satellite

The wireless model eliminates any interference when holding or turning the steering wheel.
The unit’s operating time is 35 hours between charges and can easily be recharged in the vehicle or ‘on-the-run’.
A red light and ‘beep’ sound alert the user that the battery is low. There is also an emergency back-up function.


The lever is fitted standard with a button for the horn and brake lock feature.

Incorporated Keypad

The lever is also available with incorporated keypad with buttons for lights, indicators, and horn.