Independently stowing and retrieving your wheelchair has never been easier

A mechanical arm assists the driver by collecting the wheelchair from the drivers side door, and lifts it safely into the boot of the car. When the driver is ready the arm can return the seat to point in was collected from.

Fortunately, since the R11 Robot is stored in the back of the vehicle, it keeps the interior space tidy and free to use by any passengers. Sensor technology prevents the mechanical arm from colliding with obstructions and it only requires a small amount of space to manoeuvre over and past nearby vehicles. It can lift a chair that weighs up to 22 kg, however can be enhanced to lift up to 30kg.

The abi-Loader is a simple solution to driving mobility

The Abi-loader is an ingeniously engineered solution for driving mobility, providing a simple and reliable way for disabled drivers to access their wheelchair. With the push of a button, it opens the boot and brings the wheelchair right next to the driver's door. Its simplicity and reliability have made it a successful product globally, outperforming more complex alternatives. It offers unparalleled independence and ease of use for manual wheelchair users, particularly those with rigid chairs. Lowered-floor mobility van users who can transfer to the driver's seat should consider the Abiloader for its wider vehicle compatibility and advantageous features.

Non destructive Installation

The R11 Robot does not require permanent modifications to the vehicle and can be transferred from one car to the next, meaning the driver can use the product for as long as they need without worrying about the purchase of a new vehicle.